Dreambrand is an independent branding studio. Under our belt, we possess years of extensive experience in a number of leading design studios and feel right at home in branding, visual communication, and graphic design.

We strive to aid each one of our clients in discovering a unique visual identity from which to launch a new, viable and successful brand. We believe in minimalism and quality, a passion for excellence, and a design culture in which ideas and innovation thrive. We value design that is simple, emotive, aesthetically pleasing, and rooted in solid logic.

Brand Platform 
Client Brand Analysis // Competitor and Target Audience Analysis // Mission, Philosophy and Values // Idea and Strategy Development // Logo Design and Framework // Colors, Fonts, Patterns // Key Visuals 

Brand Identity Mediums
Business documentation // Printing // Brand Merchandise // Souvenirs // Promotional Materials // Packaging // Navigation

Web Design
Social Media Guide // Tilda / Readymag Landing Pages // Online Presentations // Web Banners

Our four-stage work process:

01. Research
We study our client’s competitors, their target audience, and their weak spots and come up with solutions using international reference points. Next, we present and discuss the results of our findings with the client and select the most promising course of action together.

02. Strategy
Having decided on strategy, tone of voice, philosophy, mission and brand values, we present our client with one fully developed brand platform concept. We throw ourselves fully into honing, and realizing the top idea, and shield our clients from having to weed out a multitude of inferior concepts. Maximum number of iterations – three.

03. Design
We implement the client-approved concept, develop the brand platform, and present the final design to the client.

04. Concept Development
We develop the concept and design the brand corporate identity mediums, using a cohesive visual language.

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