Crypto-centric company that turns offline assets into liquid assets. The company’s logo is replete with multiple layers and is based on both explicit and implicit symbolism. At its core lies the instantly recognizable image of a stack of coins (representing financial operations) as well as the more subtle symbol of the double-ended arrow (symbolizing mutually beneficial exchange). The logo is made complete by a philosophical component: three parallel horizontal lines that make up the “sky” I Ching trigram in the “Book of Changes”— used to represent creativity, strength and management in Eastern philosophy.
The company’s symbol is formed by a circle and square — two mutually exclusive shapes of which the circle represents a coin (suggesting money, infinity, a period, the Sun) while the square pixel pays homage to the beginning of the digital age. The logo also contains another hidden layer, which is encoded via Morse code — the word BANKEX, as well as the symbols for INVEST, FOUND, and LAB in the logo subtypes. Color coding was also utilized to help identify sub-brands.
In the process of iterating the cryptocurrency symbol for 1 BKX we arrived at a simple and elegant solution that looks great everywhere — not only on the coins themselves. The symbol consists of a circle, a vertical bar (a nod to the symbols of global currencies) and the trigram for "sky" from the “Book of Changes”.
In our work with BANKEX, we’ve successfully developed the corporate identity, company brand book, and symbol of this brand-new cryptocurrency for this blockchain-oriented platform.
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