Concept of brand platform and brand media identity for the American bar Decodance. Client came up with an idea of a dance bar in San Francisco on a hip Polk Street. The was supposed to be in the art déco style with The Great Gatsby vibe. Client’s decided on the  interior theme and color pattern by the time he gave the case to us. After walking San Francisco streets via Google maps, getting to know competitors, browsing  through the Aubrey Beardsley catalogue, soaking in the spirit of this great era and approving the moodboard from the relevant references we’ve come up with the brand value.
Mission: give people emotions, entertain, set the bar of style and status.
Values: elegance, chic, excitement.
Philosophy: accordance with the art déco principles – optimism, exotic, fantasy
As a result we got an elegant, dynamic and breaking common rules solution with an inner flirt, which is so common for the decadence. The font matches the bar concept and interior style but at the same time it’s an absolutely new approach to art déco. This solution doesn’t take away from the readability, but works as an eye catcher, getting the viewer involved in some kind of a game.

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