The task turned out to be nontrivial from the very beginning. Colleagues, the Estonian creative agency La Ecwador came to us with rebranding. Inspired with an Art Deco aesthetic, the niche capsule agency has grown out of their old concept. The outdated logo did not translate the desired degree of elegance, niche and luxury. The motive for the rebranding was the move to their own new luxury home with a cinema, a recording studio and a rooftop terrace five minutes from the sea. We had the opportunity to translate with the help of visual language the idea of ​​the equator (the role of the agency as a pole between the client and his target audience), the crown (premium, market leadership) and own space system (the agency is a family, unity, planet, La Ecwador is not only the agency, but also the cafe LA WE).​​​​​​​

The project was both simple and challenging, like a puzzle or a Rubik's cube. We understood perfectly well that, being in a stormy stream of current affairs, it’s difficult to be distracted by our own, internal ones. It was unusual and at the same time surprisingly pleasant to work with a client who perfectly understands how design processes take place and, like no one knows their value for the company, feels what works well and what does not work well. The task was described as comprehensively as possible, the brief was well-written, and the feedback was logical and timely.

The correct inspirational conceptual solution was found from the first approach, and was further developed and refined over the next weeks. We managed to consolidate the status of professional leadership and luxury at the level of intuitive symbols. We wish our colleagues a great launch and thank them for the opportunity to get in touch and deepen their knowledge in the incredibly elegant Art Deco style.

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