For the end-of-year holidays, our studio developed the signature style of the "Journey to Christmas” project (part of the "Moscow Seasons” cycle). We decided to account for 2018 being the Year of Theater in Moscow and tie the main architectural-graphic symbol in with this occasion. Three basic complementary symbols, united by a single principle, were then created — the combination of an architectural landmark and a snowflake. An important point was the adaptation of this project to the web and small formats. A festive line of souvenir items based on the brand book was also created. 
In supplement, a promo landing page "Winter in the City" was developed for the site of the Moscow Mayor's Office It was aimed at acquainting Muscovites and visitors to the capital with the festival program in a simple and concise manner, attracting additional visitors, drumming up interest and a sense of belonging to something magical and exciting, as well at giving the project international clout.​​​​​​​
Также была разработана стилистика официального сайта проекта "Зима в городе", посвященного зимней развлекательной программе, проходящей в Москве. Основная задача – в простой ясной форме познакомить москвичей и туристов с программой фестиваля, привлечь больше посетителей, подогреть интерес и чувство причастности к чему-то яркому, волшебному, поднять проект на международный уровень.
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